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Court Dismisses Case Against Journalist Shahzeb Jilani Over Lack Of Evidence

A sessions court in Karachi on Saturday dismissed charges of ‘defamatory remarks against the respected institutions of Pakistan’ and ‘cyberterrorism’ against journalist Shahzeb Jilani over a lack of evidence.

The court declared that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) failed to provide enough evidence to prove that Jilani was involved in ‘cyberterrorism’. The judge declared the First Information Report (FIR) against Jilani as non-maintainable and categorized the case as ‘class C’.

In April, an FIR was registered on the complaint of Moulvi Muhammad Iqbal Haider who said that Jillani uttered ‘articulated defamatory remarks’ against institutions of Pakistan during a talk show on Dunya News.

Haider accused Jillani of alleging Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies of “kidnapping dozens of people which leads towards missing persons.”

Iqbal Haider said that Jillani, being the coordinator of the program on Dunya TV, responded to ‘sensitive questions’ by the anchor in which the law-enforcement agencies were “directly or indirectly, deliberately and intentionally alleged of influencing the democratic system of Pakistan” due to which “solidarity, integrity, and sovereignty of Pakistan has been damaged.”

Haider added that Jillani accused ‘invisible forces’ of bringing Prime Minister Imran Khan to power, continuing that “Imran Khan cannot survive if he works for public welfare and does not take orders from the establishment”.

The complainant accused Jillani of working with ‘foreign agencies’ against Pakistan. He said Jillani was also active on social media and was ‘conspiring against Pakistan’, therefore, “action be taken against Jillani and other responsible at Dunya news by the way of transparent and impartial inquiry”.

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