Ali Zafar's Witness Claims Meesha Lied About Sexual Harassment During Jam Session

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Ali Zafar’s Witness Claims Meesha Lied About Sexual Harassment During Jam Session

A witness for Ali Zafar on Saturday gave testimony that the actor/singer didn’t sexually harass Meeha Shafi during a jam session.

According to reports, the witness, Kinza Muneer said that she and around 10 others, were present during the jam session where Meesha alleged that Ali had sexually harassed her. The rehearsal went on for 45 minutes and both singers were “standing four to five feet apart from each other”, she added.

Kinza also told the court that the jam session was on film and alleged that Meesha was lying about being sexually harassed. Meesha had hugged Ali when she arrived as well as when she left, the witness stated.

The hearing is a part of a defamation suit filed against Meesha by Ali, after the former accused the Teefa in Trouble star of sexually harassing her on three occasions, including during the jam session.

Before Kinza’s testimony, Meesha’s defense team requested the sessions court to adjourn the hearing until the Supreme Court issue a ruling on a petition filed by their client. In the petition, Meesha has requested that the testimony of Ali’s witnesses be recorded and that they be cross examined separately.

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