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In Pictures: The dazzling #SuperBloodWolfMoon

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Sunday night was a sight to see for people around the world as the Super Blood Wolf Moon lit the sky in all its glory.

We will not bore you with a lot of text here because we understand that since pictures are worth a thousand words, we will just let the images do the talking.


The fully-eclipsed moon is seen in a field of stars. (Photo: Twitter/@johnkrausphotos)


Super Blood Wolf Moon rising above the Smokies at sunset tonight. taken from the Foothills Parkway in Walland, Tennessee. (Photo: Kellie Walls Sharpe)


Photo: Twitter/@kimfaul


A bigger, more clearer view of the beautiful yet haunting blood moon. (Photo: Twitter/@sigmas)


Photo: Twitter/@Mattstonephotog


Photo: Twitter/@ScottBudman


Amazing. (Photo: Twitter/@angedegrazia)


How beautiful is this shot? (Photo: Twitter/@RealDavidArt)

Did you take pictures of the Blood Moon and want to share them? Send them over to [email protected]


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