Covid Vaccine Could Be Ready In Three Months, Says Pakistani-American Doctor

The much-awaited AstraZeneca vaccine for the coronavirus would be ready for use by October, Pakistani-American doctor Faheem Younus has revealed.

"Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine could be here by Oct!," Dr Faheem said in a Twitter post on Thursday. "Phase 3 testing in 1000s of humans."

He further stated that the vaccine was "projected to be 80 percent effective in preventing severe disease." He went on to add, "pledged to produce 2 billion doses THIS YEAR!"

In May, Dr Faheem posted on Twitter that "a vectored COVID vaccine’s animal trial in Oxford shows promise. Single dose given to monkeys with control group: No pneumonia developed in vaccinated animals and viral loads diminished. Human randomised trials to start now."

Last month, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry announced that the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) had approved the country’s first Covid-19 testing kit. The minister, in his tweet, further said that with this new development there will be a significant reduction in the cost of testing and will also save a lot on the import bill.

Pakistan is one of the worst-hit countries following the outbreak, as the current number of confirmed cases across the country stand at 257,831. The number of total deaths are 5,426, while the recoveries are 178,737.