Six-Year-Old Succumbs To Rabies After Being Bitten By Stray Dogs, Sindh

Pakistan's appalling lack of appropriate healthcare for victims of dog-bites that result in rabies was once again highlighted by a tragedy, this time in Sindh. A six-year-old infant Hasnain, who got rabies after being bitten by stray dogs in Larkana, died in a hospital in Karachi on Wednesday.

Initially, the child was taken to Chandka Medical Hospital in Larkana. Eventually he had to be taken to the Civil Hospital in Karachi due to the lack of appropriate care in Larkana.

After arrival in Karachi, the infant was moved between four more hospitals. In the course of treatment, the child was subjected to three surgeries in 27 days. In the end, Hasnain succumbed to the life-threatening condition at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH).

A recent spate of rabies-related deaths has reached 24 with this case. The acute shortage of rabies vaccines (AVR) in Pakistan is further compounded by a general lack of availability of affordable  and accessible healthcare.

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