Seld Learning Application Making A Difference In Sindh's Schools

Seld Learning Application Making A Difference In Sindh's Schools
“As a result of the pandemic, I had lost all hope for my students. I felt I won’t be able to help them or reduce their learning losses. But School Education Literacy Department (SELD) Application proved me wrong,” says Misbah, a teacher at a government school in the remote district of Matli, Badin. She is a qualified teacher and extremely passionate about bringing a positive change in the education sector of Sindh, where there is some resistance towards innovation and positive interventions.

SABAQ is spearheading this initiative to give them an opportunity to shine and rebuild the lost image of public schools. In collaboration with Malala Fund and Sindh Education Literacy Department, they have trained 87 teachers who were selected on the specific selection criteria. These teachers are now working with them as champions of change and are actively implementing the use of the SELD application for classroom delivery and remediation learning. These qualified and talented teachers in public schools are empowered to deliver remedial lessons with technology so that students can catch up on missed learning, mitigating learning losses. Additionally, teachers are enabled to act as champions of change to mobilise School Management Communities and parents to support digital learning. This will create resilience amongst schools and communities.

Misbah being their motivated Champion of Change (COC) conducted a community mobilisation event in Matli with parents and other important stakeholders of the community. This event was attended by 122 participants where students as well as teachers demonstrated the use of SELD application and the benefit derived from it. Parents who had access to smartphones were also taught to download the application on their phones in event of further school closure so that this application can be used as home-schooling resource. Additionally, these COCs have also conducted peer mentoring and training of other teachers.
Recently, during social media campaign on Twitter where the Champions of Change post regular updates about best practices regarding SELD application, they observed two interesting insights.

Fahim, one of the teachers from Badin, had connected the SELD application from a tablet to a LED screen installed in his school through mirror screening. Another teacher, Miss Sobia from Tando Allah Yar had connected her Bluetooth speakers to the tablet to ensure the lessons are audible to her entire class. These brilliant and commendable efforts prove that test teachers are the real asset and the government should find ways to empower them with innovative ways. Through our interactions, we realised that they are all just waiting for an opportunity to utilise their potential and actually contribute towards better learning experiences for their students.