Afridi Has Written Too Little Of Unfair Treatment By Seniors: Shoaib Akhtar Backs 'Game Changer'

Afridi Has Written Too Little Of Unfair Treatment By Seniors: Shoaib Akhtar Backs 'Game Changer'
Days after all-rounder Shahid Afridi's book 'Game Changer' rocked the foundations of Pakistan's cricket industry, former pacer Shoaib Akhtar has come in support of Afridi saying that whatever he has written is true.

Speaking during a show on a local sports channel, Akhtar said that he had also received harsh treatment from senior cricketers during his playing days. He said that Afridi has written too little of the harsh treatment of juniors by seniors and discrimination.

“I think Shahid Afridi has written less in his book about the harsh treatment he received from senior players during his playing days. I witnessed some of it with my own eyes and totally agree with him,” said Akhtar.

Akhtar said that during series against Australia, one senior was close to hitting him with a bat. He said that though many apologised for their mistreatment, the apology meant nothing when all was said and done.

“Later down the years, ten of these senior players asked us for forgiveness, before leaving for Umrah, for the way they treated us,” he said.

“I told them that there is little point in such an apology because they had taken undue advantage, when in a position of strength, but I had forgiven them earlier as well and does not mind doing it now as well.”

In his book, Afridi has accused Javed Miandad of prohibiting him from training with team members. Afridi said that he had to practice individually for the matches because Miandad would not allow him in.

"Miandad had developed a strong opinion against fact, the day before I went to bat, Miandad didn’t even give me any net practice. So I had to practice on a stringed ball, alone, away from my teammates,” Afridi wrote in his book.

Miandad has dismissed the accusations.

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