Healthcare System Will Collapse If Corona Continues To Spread: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the distribution of relief funds among those affected from coronavirus lockdown would commence tomorrow (Thursday).

A total of 17000 points have been identified from different parts of the country and they will be provided with Rs. 12000 under the Ehsaas program. While addressing a press conference, the PM said that the program is not to undertake any political influence but to assist daily-wage workers to get through the ongoing crisis.

The PM further said that the data for distribution has been collected digitally, adding that no political affiliation was involved in the process of shortlisting.

Imran Khan also invited the youth to register with the Corona Tigers’ force to assist the government in overcoming the crisis.

He said that the government “needed your (public’s) money and manpower” as it was low on resources and had to cater to a large population.

The premier also reminded people how social distancing is still a very major factor of getting to flatten the curve and that people should avoid going out unless of utmost importance. He also warned that if we fail to do so, the virus will spread at a faster rate and that might lead to a burden and collapse in the health system.

He repeated that Pakistan cannot afford a complete lock-down, which was imposed in China or European countries and asked people to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus.