PPP Officials Confess To Attacking Sheikh Rasheed In London

PPP Officials Confess To Attacking Sheikh Rasheed In London
Officials of Pakistan People’s Party in UK have issued a statement confirming their role in an attack carried out on Sheikh Rasheed in London earlier this week.

The railways minister was attacked when he came out of a hotel where he was attending an awards ceremony. The attackers had punched the AML chief and had thrown eggs at him. There was no video footage of the incident. However, the identity of the attackers came to light after they themselves admitted to carrying out the attack.

On Wednesday, two officials of the Pakistan People’s Party in UK issued a statement confirming that they had carried out the attack. The two officials were President People’s Youth Organisation Europe, Asif Ali Khan, and General Secretary for Greater London Women’s Wing Samah Naz. According to them, the justification for the attacks was Sheikh Rasheed’s continuous use of ‘abusive language’ for PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto.

Leaders of political parties of the ruling coalition, Awami Muslim League (AML) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), have condemned the attack on Sheikh Rasheed.

Following the confession of the two PPP officials, AML’s UK President Saleem Sheikh said that they would register a police case against the attackers after seeking permission from the AML chief.

Narrating the incident to local media, Saleem Sheikh said that the railways minister had stepped out for a cigar near Earl’s Court station when he was attacked. He stated that they were taking the matter seriously and claimed that this attack seemed to be planned as no one knew that Sheikh Rasheed used a side exit to step out.

Meanwhile, the attackers said that the minister should be thankful that they only used eggs which is a British way of dealing with uncivilised politicians.

PTI’s London President Waheed-ur-Rehman criticised the perpetrators of the attack for their lack of political maturity and morality and said that the whole Pakistani community in UK had been defamed.

Sheikh Rasheed had previously been criticised for being present in the UK but not taking part in an anti-India protest in London and instead shopping with Aneel Musarrat. Saleem Sheikh defended his leader’s absence and said that the reason for it was that they had received an intelligence report about an impending attack on the railways minister.

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