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Christian Villagers Beaten Up By Mob After Landlord Accuses Boys Of Throwing Dust At Him

Christian residents in Okara, Punjab were reportedly beaten up by a mob that attacked their houses after a landlord accused Christian boys of throwing dust at him while cleaning the local church. The incident took place last week.

According to Christian rights website UCA News, the landlord accompanied by other men of the area reportedly assaulted the Christian residents after attacking their homes. Women were also beaten up and left with torn clothes, according to members of the Christian community.

The incident took place on May 14 in Chak 5 village of Okara. More than 200 men are said to have taken part in the attack on Christians. Eight Christian men were left with fractured bones following the attack.

Videos of the attack are being shared on social media with users demanding protection for the Christian families in the area who are now living under constant fear.


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