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PM’s Office Releases Second Statement To ‘Clarify’ His Comments On Rape Yet Unclarity Remains

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s office has released a second statement to ‘clarify’ his controversial remarks about rape and sexual violence in the country, yet it does not address the part where the PM had blamed ‘obscenity’ for rise in these crimes in the country. “The fact that sex crimes have been on the rise in Pakistan is a matter of extreme concern for the Prime Minister,” the statement issued on Friday reads.

The PM House spokesman then said that the PM spoke about the need to adopt a holistic approach as a society ‘to nab all those who engage in such detestable crimes’. The society as a unit has to fight this scourge,” the spokesman said, adding that the root causes of such crimes need to be addressed.

The statement, however, did not mention the part of the PM’s talk wherein he blamed ‘obscenity’ for rise in rapes and sexual violence. The PM’s act of blaming women’s ‘immodesty’ and lack of purdah for sexual crimes against them had sparked outrage, but the two follow-up statements released by the PM Office have not clarified the same.

Earlier on Wednesday night, a clarification was issued in which a spokesman had said that ‘misperception’ was created about the PM’s comment about incidence of rape in the country.

The earlier statement had also failed to address the controversial part of the PM’s remarks.


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