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Another Ahmadi Worship Place Attacked In Police Presence

An Ahmadi worship place was vandalised by an extremist mob in the presence of police in Muzaffargarh. A contingent of police led by DSP Allah Yar Saifi and SHO Munir Mohana allegedly partook in the vandalisation.

Members of the Ahmadi community of the area were reportedly arrested on trumped up charges.


  1. Moving finger April 12, 2021

    What a shame!
    The government’s insensitivity to the rising violence against minorities is encouraging the far right religious outfits to trample on human rights with impunity. Where is the leadership with a vision?

  2. X-M April 15, 2021

    Religion of getting into pieces of tribal mindset of “Us” versus “Them”, our exclusive god, book, emissary , paradise for us while making life hell for others.

  3. X-M April 16, 2021

    There is no leadership. No leadership no vision. Rudderless boat in turbulent sea. Allah is the only hope.


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