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Session On Balochistan Abruptly Cancelled At Sindh Literature Festival

A few hours before it was scheduled to take place, a session on Balochistan at the Sindh Literature Festival (SLF) was cancelled and the auditorium closed. The session was named “Balochistan Ek Mukalima” (Balochistan: A Dialogue).

Planned for the third day of the festival, the session was to be moderated by Abid Mir and participants were to include the Minister for Finance for Balochistan’s provincial government Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, veteran political leader Yousuf Mustikhan, Balochistan National Party (BNP) leader Sanaullah Baloch, writer Dr. Shah Mohammad Marri and student leader Mahrang Baloch.

A large number of students, including many from Balochistan, had gathered to attend the session. The organizers claimed that the cancellation of the session was due to the absence of Zahoor Buledi, Yousuf Mustikhan and other participants. Reports indicate that Yousuf Mustikhan did arrive at the venue but there has been no further comment from the management of the festival.

Mahrang Baloch, in comments circulating on social media, opined that this episode suggests a lack of freedom of expression when it comes to Balochistan and its issues.


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