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PM’s Remarks Terming Hazaras ‘Blackmailers’ Generate Outrage, PPP Demands Apology

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s insensitive remarks about the Hazara protestors, asking them to stop ‘blackmailing’ him, have generated outrage on social media.

“We have accepted all of their demands,” he said, adding that the demand that the bodies will be buried when the PM visits them is tantamount to blackmail. “You don’t blackmail the prime minister of any country like this,” Khan said earlier today.

PPP leaders Nayyur Bukhari and and Maula Baksh Chandio have also condemned Imran Khan’s statement, demanding an apology for his speech.

Nayyur Bukhari called the statement “extremely inappropriate.” Furthermore, he added, “Instead of helping heal their wounds, Imran Khan is rubbing salt on them.”

Opposition leaders including PMLN Vice President Maryam Nawaz have called Prime Minister’s inaction regarding the Hazara massacre “the height of insensitivity.”

“This is the height of insensitivity, you are responsible for 220mn people. If you refer to the cries of the people as blackmail, then you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Taking to Twitter citizens expressed their disappointment at the PM’s statement. Some have even termed his statement a case of hypocrisy drawing out comparisons between his dharnas as “right to protest” and the grieving hazaras as “blackmailers”.


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