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Peshawar Policemen Kill Fellow Cop In Alleged Encounter

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A man, himself a cop, was allegedly gunned down by policemen in Peshawar on January 5.
Express Tribune reported that the slain man was identified to be a police officer himself, named Riaz. He along with his driver and with Rs5 lakh was visiting a friend for dinner and was gunned down on the way back.

Investigation revealed that the police officers involved kept the murder a secret for four days. The SHO arrested the head of Sheikhan police post along with three others in order to save his skin.

“No one knows what happened but the four policemen involved in the shooting told us that they tried to stop the vehicle at a check post on January 3 around 1:15 o’clock in the night but the men in the car opened fire at them. They just returned the fire and the vehicle escaped. The injured man mysteriously told police in the hospital that he had been shot and injured by unknown people but when he succumbed to his injuries his driver started telling people that he had been shot by police and the incident was made public,” said an official source, adding that the local SHO kept mum over the issue since the victim did not mention police in the FIR.

“When Riaz breathed his last in the hospital the SHO finally realized his mistake and arrested all the four policemen and then told his superiors about the incident. The deceased Riaz probably mistook policemen as robbers since he was traveling with money and fired in the air due to fear but police also responded. Riaz fired in the air instead of firing on police while policemen directly fired at his vehicle.”

Investigation revealed that Riaz stopped at the police post for a while and when the other police officers saw that he had a lot of cash on him decided to rob him. All went awry when Riaz was injured severely.


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