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Moussavi Challenges PM To Publish Arbitration Order That Caused $29mn Loss To National Exchequer

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Broadsheet LLC owner Kaveh Moussavi, after his shocking statement that Nawaz Sharif had tried to bribe him to stop probe into Sharif family’s corruption cases, has now criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan for ‘selective accountability’.

Moussavi has challenged PM Imran Khan to publish the arbitration order that resulted in the loss of a whopping $29 million to the national exchequer. “I challenge the government of Pakistan to open up the judgement of Sir Anthony Evans – it will be damning,” Mr Moussavi said on a show hosted on YouTube.

“If there is any claim to the credibility of Imran Khan in fighting corruption, he should publish the judgement for the people of Pakistan to read. If he does that I will begin to think he is gaining some credibility.”

Addressing the matter of Beoadsheet itself coming under NAB’s accountability drive, Mr Moussavi said:

“Mr Akbar is portraying it as though Broadsheet did not perform. If Shahzad Akbar has not done his research, he should be sacked. Broadsheet did its work, the court awarded it money because it had done it work. We claimed hundreds of millions of dollars because we found billions, but NAB sabotaged it.”


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