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3 Sentenced To Death By Anti Terrorism Court For Posting ‘Blasphemous Content’ Online

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Three men have been sentenced to death by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) for posting ‘blasphemous content’ on social media. Another fourth man has also been accused of the same crime. He, however, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

The verdict of their death sentences and imprisonment was given by Islamabad ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas

The report issued by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after an investigation against the accused showed that Rana Nouman Rafaqat and Abdul Waheed allegedly arrested operated fake profiles and disseminated blasphemous material on social media. Nasir Ahmad, the third accused sentenced to death allegedly had uploaded blasphemous videos to a Youtube channel. Professor Anwaar Ahmed who is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment was arrested on the basis that he expressed controversial blasphemous views during a lecture at the Islamabad Model College where he was an Urdu teacher. He also has been fined with 100,000 rupees.

The case against was filed back in 2017. 17 witness have given a statement against them while the witnesses they wanted to come forward were not admitted into the court as they family members.


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