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17-Year-Old Charsadda Student Killed For Speaking With Female Cousin

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A 17-year-old engineering student in Charsadda was allegedly killed by a relative for speaking with his female cousin.

Express Tribune reported that the student was identified as a resident of Mandani village named Owais. He was gunned down by the girl’s uncle who was also his brother in law. The body was recovered from a field in the village. The uncle allegedly didn’t like the relationship between the victim and his niece as they both used to study together.

Owais was a student at Islamic College Peshawar. He had returned to his native town due to University closure because of the pandemic. The young man had a bright mind and had scored 1,040 out of 1,100 marks in his matriculation examination.

The father of the victim had borrowed a large sum of money to send his son to college. Grieving his son’s death, the father said that he doesn’t understand what crime his son had committed to be killed this ruthlessly.


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