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Ishaq Dar Says Parts Of His BBC Interview Were Censored

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Former finance minister Ishaq Dar has told Naya Daur that parts of his BBC interview were censored and he has formally lodged his protest with the BBC authorities. He expressed these views in an interview on Naya Daur — his first one after the much-discussed BBC interview.
He also said that the government does not seem to have any work to do as they’re busy discussing his BBC interview. Dar said that it was a miracle that he is all over the news despite being banned on Pakistan TV.
“10 minutes into the interview, I could see the pressure on the interviewer’s face. He was underprepared and misinformed on Pakistan’s politics,” Dar said, adding that Sacker misquoted the EU report on 2018 election.
Further, Dar said that interview was originally scheduled for December 7. “Then I received a message last Thursday that they wanted to do it earlier. I requested them share the topics they wanted to discuss but those topics were hardly even covered,” he said.



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  1. Asad Khan December 2, 2020

    How shameless you could be? Been in power for 20+ years, you needed preparation, and this is your defense. And how shameless is Naya Daur to rush in to try to save $ar.


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