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“Hankin” A Brahui Short Film Goes Viral

Ishaq Lehri is a renowned sculptor from Balochistan who uses his skills to create sculptures to pass on the culture and heritage of Balochistan to the next generation. Along with his sculptural skills, he also makes short films to highlight various social issues.

His short film “Hankin” on some of the heinous acts of the Sardari system in Baloch society is currently being discussed on social media, which is also gaining popularity among the new generation. Meanwhile, the supporters of the conservative Sardari system are blaming it a misleading misrepresentation.

Hankin Baloch is the story of a poor family in the tribal system whose chief acquits his son by giving the land and a daughter of same family in exchange for his son’s bloodshed. Against this action of the Sardar, the son of a poor landlord takes the path of resistance to save his land and his fiance.

Hankin is made in Brahui language which was later published with Balochi subtitles. According to Ishaq Lehri, the film exposes the wrong face of the chieftaincy system in Baloch society. He says, “Hankin is very popular and especially after coming up with Balochi subtitles, it is very popular in new generation. Majority liked it because the problems and culture of the nation are the same except the languages. Yes, it is offensive to a class whose truth has been revealed.”

Through this film, a ritual for blood forgiveness called “Pudi” has come under controversial limelight. Naseem Gul, M.Phil Scholar in Balochi, says, “Pudi is a ritual in Baloch tribal society in which the head of a tribe in case of any trouble puts some responsibility on each member of his tribe which may be the property, land and money collected and received from all tribes.”

This short film shows the Sardar’s son committing a murder and the unjust blood pardon, the Sardar gives. Critics say the film misrepresents the tribal and Sardari system, which is a disgrace to Baloch society, but has also been well-received by the younger generation. According to Ishaq Lahri, it has always been his duty to bring every issue of his society under discussion in order to eradicate it.

Ishaq Lahri adds, “If the majority likes it, then it means that this evil exists in our society, of course, but it is only being criticized by those who support this class. The rest of the Baloch nation likes it very much.”


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