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Pro-Govt Journalists Suddenly Begin Advocating For Better Ties With Israel

Foreign media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to Saudi Arabia on Sunday to hold a secret meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Saudi city of Neom. Saudi Foreign Minister has denied the reports of the meeting, but the international press has chosen to stand by the story. It was also reported that the meeting may be the result of US pressuring Saudi Arabia to establish its ties with Israel.

“No such meeting occurred,” Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud tweeted on Monday night. Netanyahu, on the other hand, declined to verify or rubbish the reports he secretly travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet Crown Prince MBS.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, some prominent pro-government journalists have suddenly begun advocating for Pakistan’s normal bilateral ties with Israel.  Journalist Kamran Khan, who openly supports the current government, said that Pakistan should revisit its Israel policy. “Nations don’t have permanent friends or enemies, only interests,” he wrote in a tweet.

Another journalist who is considered a supporter of the PTI government Mubasher Lucman gave an interview to an Israeli news channel and spoke in favour of better ties between Pakistan and Israel.

The public sentiment in Pakistan largely remains anti-Israel. Pakistan’s foreign office had recently denied a news report claiming Prime Minister Imran Khan was under pressure to recognise Israel. However, the stance taken by these pro-government journalists has given rise to speculations that the Pakistan government may be considering establishing ties with Israel.


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