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Guard Shoots Bank Manager For Alleged Blasphemy In Khushab

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A bank manager was allegedly shot at by a security guard in the Quaidabad area of Khushab, Punjab over alleged blasphemous remarks.

According to reports, the guard got into an argument over the authority of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Some remarks he made during the argument angered the security guard who opened fire at the manager.

The guard was arrested by police, but people from a nearby mosque came to his rescue and began a rally in his favour, chanting slogans against blasphemy. 

The police said that the matter was being investigated.

Last month, an under trial blasphemy-accused prisoner was killed inside a courtroom in Peshawar. Hundreds of people later attended rallies lionising the murderer. Elite force personnel had posed for a selfie with the him which had gone viral.

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