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ISI Knows Everything, Opposition Can’t Control It Like Other Institutions: PM Imran

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the opposition stands against the military because they are unable to control the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) unlike the other institutions in the country. “The ISI is aware of the opposition’s corruption and money laundering, which makes them afraid. That is why they make allegations against the armed forces,” remarked the PM on Friday.

Imran Khan’s statements came as a response to the allegations that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif made recently regarding him and the armed forces. Nawaz Sharif claims that the establishment manipulated the 2018 elections and installed Imran Khan as PM. He had stated that the armed forces must stay away from politics like the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam intended. These allegations were made in a multiparty conference hosted by PPP, which led to the formation of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) aimed at restoring ‘real democracy’ to the country by holding anti-government protests.

In his speech to the Insaf Lawyers Forum, Imran Khan stressed that he has the mandate of the people as he received the most votes and won from five constituencies in the 2018 elections. Addressing Nawaz Sharif’s allegations against rigging of the election he stated that had the elections been rigged his party would not have needed to form a coalition. In response to the PDM’s threat for protests, Imran Khan said the opposition can conduct as many protests as it wants, but if they break the law, then they must go to jail same as any other poor citizen of the country.  “The opposition’s politicians are not above the law,” he claimed.

Talking further about the protests, Imran Khan said that “PML-N workers will not come out to the streets, even if they are bribed with keemay walay naan.”

Attacks on the armed forces

At the conference, Imran Khan further questioned Nawaz Sharif’s claims that he was asked to resign by ISI chief, Zaheer ul Islam, “If Zaheer ul Islam had asked such a thing of Nawaz Sharif why did he keep silent? Perhaps because Nawaz Sharif knew that if he challenged ISI, they would disclose his stolen money to the public.” Imran Khan stressed the importance of a strong and capable armed force by giving the example of countries like Syria and Yemen that have suffered due to weak armies. Referring to Nawaz’s claims that Imran Khan said: “If anyone is promoting India’s agenda, it is the opposition.”

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