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‘Bushra Bibi Is My Soulmate, I Discuss Everything With Her’: PM

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that First Lady Bushra Bibi is his soulmate who has ‘great wisdom’ and he discusses everything with her.

He expressed these views while speaking to a German publication. Interviewer Susan Koelbl asked the PM if he takes advice from his wife Bushra Bibi. “Only a fool doesn’t talk about everything with his wife. She has great wisdom. I discuss everything with her, also problems I face in government, dealing with complex situations. She is my soulmate. She is my companion. I would not have survived without her.” Khan replied.

From the Afghan peace process to the law against the criticism on military, the PM spoke about wide ranging issues in the interview.

In a question about freedom of expression and criticism of the military, Khan said that Pakistan has more freedom of expression than the west where the laws against slander are very strong. “I have been wrongly slandered as prime minister, here and gone to court, but even as prime minister, I haven’t been able to get justice.” The PM added. On the question about criticism on military, Khan acceded that there are human rights violations in the military operations, but said that they shouldn’t be dealt through media. “I will speak to the army chief if I think there’s something wrong,” he added.

PM Khan also also outlined apparent similarities between him and Donald Trump thinks out of the box and use social media to mobilize his supporters. “We had to be very unorthodox, and in some ways, Donald Trump does too.” Khan remarked when asked if he thinks he is similar to Donald Trump. Discussing the elections in US, he said that even though Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, Trump is very unpredictable.

Talking about Afghan peace process PM Khan said that that no country wants a peaceful Afghanistan more than Pakistan. Pakistan has suffered a lot in the war against terror which was not Pakistan’s war, he added.

On a question about his recent meeting with the leader of Hizb-e-Islami Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Khan said that Hikmatyar contested elections in Afghanistan and he accepts the constitution of Afghanistan. “We have no favorites in Afghanistan. Our only interest is that the future government in Kabul does not allow India to operate from there against Pakistan” the PM emphasized.

The PM also said that Indian Prime Minister Modi of was fascist and a follower of Hitler.

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