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Women Should Not Have To Be Mothers Or Wives To Be Respected, Mazari Tells NA

Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has said that society must respect a woman for being a woman instead of according value to her based on her relationship to the men in her life.

She said women should not have to be mothers, sisters, wives, or daughters of someone to have respect in society and enjoy rights as equal citizens.

Taking part in a National Assembly debate, Minister Mazari questioned the general mindset in society that frames the value of a woman in terms of her relationship .i.e a mother, daughter, or sister. Mazari said this should not be the case, women must be respected because of who they are.

She said a woman is entitled to all the basic rights being a citizen of Pakistan and no one was allowed to tell her how to carry herself. “If a man cannot behave himself around women, then he should be kept at home rather than telling women to stay at home,” she said, adding that women of the country are angry in the wake of continuous victim-blaming.

The constitution doesn’t give me fundamental rights for being a ‘mother, sister, or daughter, it sees me as a woman and I should be treated as one.

She said women are equal citizens and stressed the need to change the mentality of men. She termed the CCPO Lahore’s statement unacceptable and said more women should be employed in the police force to curb such a sexist mindset.

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