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Morning Show Host Nida Yasir Under Fire For Interviewing Rape Victim’s Parents Insensitively

#BanNidaYasir has been trending on Pakistani twitter after the episode from Nida Yasir’s morning show in which she’s interviewing the parents of a rape victim aired. The host called  the parents of a 5 year old girl who was raped and murdered to her show and asked insensitive questions which led to the mother ending up crying.

The already traumatised parents were put on the spot and were asked to tell every minute little detail about how their child disappeared and how they felt when they found out what happened to her.

Five-year-old Marwah was found dead in a garbage heap on September 6. She was kidnapped on the morning of September 4, was raped and brutally assaulted before being stuffed inside a bag near her residence.

The morning show host is not new to controversy. She’s been accused of asking insensitive questions before just for the sake of higher rating. However, this time around everyone believes that she has crossed the line.

One twitter user wrote, “So Nida Yasir invited Marwah’s parents and asked them about the murder of their child in details, the mother started crying and the father was struggling as well. How and i repeat how inhumane and cruel do u have to be and why is this show still on air after everything.”

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