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Women’s Entry To Markets ‘Banned’ In Hangu

An organisation comprising traders and local politicians in Hangu has banned the entry of women in bazaars in line with ‘local customs and values’.

In a statement, Pasban said the men should bar ‘their women’ from visiting the Doaba Bazaar alone.  It also directed the shopkeepers to refrain from dealing with any woman who was visiting the market on her own.

Moreover, the conservative group warned that it would ‘act against women’ if they visited the area alone.

Whereas, in a warning to the shopkeepers, it said a fine to the tune of Rs50,000 would be slapped on a trader if found involved in dealing with women. It further warned that the shop could also be sealed for a week in case of a violation of the aforementioned directives.

According to the organisation, the decision was taken to enforce ‘parda’ and it would make sure the compliance of these directives


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Naya Daur