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PU Professor Who Said Only Women Can Harass Men Says He Was Playing ‘Reverse Psychology’

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Punjab Professor Rana Eijaz Ahmed said he was playing ‘reverse psychology’ when he claimed that only women can harass men.

In a recent video interview, the PU teacher said he used ‘reverse psychology’ to pretend he didn’t know anything to gauge the people’s response regarding harassment for his research.

According to the professor, he got the data he wanted through this Facebook status. “I deactivated my Facebook page because in 24 hours I had garnered all the data I needed,” said the professor.

In a contentious Facebook post,  the professor said men were never the harassers and he intended to prove this hypothesis in his research paper through ‘scientific and logical reasoning’.

“Not only in Pakistan usually, but in the whole world, females harass males including male teachers and students. My thesis and strong argument are that it is only a woman who can harass a man, a man cannot harass a woman. I have scientific and logical reasoning behind my argument. Historically speaking, Hazrat Yousaf’s example is with us. It may be the only example of harassment recorded in the Quran. I am writing a research paper on this issue and want to dissolve the wrong perception of men harassing women. the case is otherwise,” he had shared it on his Facebook account.

The statement was met with a strong response by activists and social media users.


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