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Female Lawyer Abducted From Chamber, Tortured For Over A Week In Okara

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A female lawyer who was allegedly abducted from her chamber in Okara on Aug 14 has said that she was tortured by four unknown men for over a week.

The woman, identified as a member of the Depalpur Bar Association, was found on a street in an unconscious state when people found her.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a visibly traumatised Irshad Nasreen can be seen trying to identify herself as a lawyer while a crowd gathered around her. According to her, she was allegedly abducted by four unidentified men a week ago, who allegedly called on her for legal advice.

As the video made rounds on social media, people started demanding the authorities to take notice of the abduction of the lawyer. A hashtag #JusticeForIrshadNasreen has also been trending on Twitter.

A Twitter handle said the abhorrent incident pointed towards a rise in violence and a lack of security.

A person asked Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari to take notice of the incident.


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