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Key Ministries Fail To Deliver Amid Struggle With Support Divisions’ Conduct

The key ministries of the government have failed to deliver on their promises as they continue to struggle with the support ministries and divisions, it emerged on Friday.

The key ministries of planning, establishment, finance, cabinet and law concerning service delivery have so far been unable to deliver owing to the challenges posed by the support ministries and divisions, Express Tribune reported.

The ministries and departments that have not been able to deliver due to this include the Prime Minister’s Office. The premier’s focus has been on key policy matters and not on the challenges being posed by the support ministries.

The report revealed that the Cabinet had approved a certain system to review the performance of the government, with the launching of a pilot exercise to refine the overall approach.

The rumors about the premature departure of Prime Minister Imran Khan are on the rise, with some predicting that Defence Minister Pervez Khattak would be his replacement.

On June 30, while speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, PM Imran dismissed the ‘minus one’ notion, saying they (opposition) doesn’t know that even of that happens, the ‘others’ will not spare them, thought he didn’t make a direct reference.

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