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Erdogan Converted Hagia Sophia Into Mosque To Divert Attention From Failing Economy

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President Erdogan of Turkey’s decision to convert the famous Hagia Sophia into a mosque is to my mind a reactionary stunt, and deserves to be condemned.

Erdogan did this gimmick because the Turkish economy is tanking. Unemployment is at a record high, and Turks are leaving Turkey in large numbers seeking employment in other countries. Consequently, Erdogan’s popularity is at a new low.

Till the early 1920s, Turkey was a poor, backward, feudal country, ruled by a Sultan, who kept it backward. It was called ‘ The Sick Man of Europe ‘, and was often kicked around by European powers.

Mustafa Kemal, who was an army general, realised that this sad state of affairs of his country was because of its backwardness, and he decided to modernise it. In the 1920s, he abolished sharia law, burqa, and madrasas, and made Turkey a modern secular state.

Among the reforms he introduced was secularising Hagia Sophia and making it a museum in 1935. This marvellous structure was a church in the Byzantine Empire, that was built in 537 AD by Emperor Justinian, and it was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople ( renamed Istanbul ) in 1457. From 1935 onwards, however, it was made a museum by Mustafa Kemal.

Now President Erdogan is trying to set the clock back by trying to convert a secular country into an Islamic one. His latest decision to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque, is among the reactionary steps he has taken, to get cheap popularity, and restore his failing image. This step is really to divert public opinion from the economic crisis which Turkey is going through, and which Erdogan has no idea how to resolve.

It is submitted that what is needed are not mosques, churches, or temples but good schools, scientific institutes, engineering colleges, medical colleges, hospitals etc. That alone will take a country forward, not stunts and gimmicks.



  1. rafeeq July 14, 2020

    Erdogan is indeed a curse on Turkey. At the pace he is going Turkey will be failed state within three. four years. When a ruler uses religion to appease a particular community that country is fast tracked to decline in economy and social trust and scientific modern progressive growth. Pakistan is. an example, a beautiful country brought to brink of a begging bowl country by Ziauk Has because of his appeasement of fundamentalists.

  2. Khan July 15, 2020

    Nonsense posted by this unhinjed Hindu Katju, with a history of shooting from the hip. Katju is an atheist born into a Hindu family so his partiality, hostility to all religion is a given. All world economies are down thanks to the coronavirus, not just Turkey. The restoration of the masjid has been a long term project, not a spur of the moment political distractor by Erdogan. What Katju doesn’t say is that secularism was FORCED on the Turkish people by hook and crook by the secular Turkish usurpers. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was an open enemy of Islam. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed by Turkish secularists, the rest were forced to westernize loosing their written language, culture and even their religion over decades. Turkish secularists had until recently maintained a secular dictatorship, overthrown democratic governments in bloody coup after coup. Practicing Muslim women were denied basic human rights to education, work and medical access because of their hijabs.Same thing with bearded Muslim men. Despite all the Europeanization, the EU never accept Turkey. This is what happens when you embrace kufr to impress the kafirs.
    Thankfully Turkey is now returning to its proper roots, confident in its Islamic identity, and shedding the secular cancer foisted upon it. The Aya Sofia had become a masjid after being purchased. This is a fact. None of its Christian artifacts and history has been erased. Compare to that the hundreds of masajid destroyed, converted to bars and hotels all over the Balkans region. Greece still has no masjid for its Muslims. And yet all these kafirs are crying tears because a single masjid was restored. Hypocrisy! So enough with the misinformation and false comparisons.

  3. Khan July 16, 2020

    Stop lying, kafir. Turkey has prospered under Erdogan over the last 15 years. Muslims have no obligation to appease murderous lying totalitarian secularists.

  4. Ahmed July 16, 2020

    The Turkish people have never been this rich.

    Keep burning liberals


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