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SC Withdraws Decision Ordering Reopening Of Markets On Weekends

Supreme Court has withdrawn its earlier decision ordering the authorities to reopen market places on weekends as coronavirus cases in Pakistan continue to rise at an alarming rate. The fresh order was issued during the hearing of suo motu case about government’s measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The top court said in a statement, “Coronavirus does not differentiate between provinces. The federal government needs to take a lead and come up with laws in this regard.”

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed questioned why could the parliament not function if all the other industries in the country have resumed. “There need to be laws on a national level to deal with the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

He also reiterated the importance of making new laws to stem the spread of coronavirus as China had done as soon as the virus situation settled by a bit.

Gulzar Ahmed said that saving the lives of the people they are responsible for is the biggest need of the hour.

In the hearing related to the issue of keeping the markets opened or closed, he said that it is imperative for the markets to remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, because of the contagion.

The top judge had also reminded people earlier that keeping the shops entirely closed means that the shopkeepers ‘die of hunger rather than the coronavirus’.

He also said that in Karachi, except for five big malls every market had resumed operations.


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