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Donor Refuses To Give Plasma After Finding Out Recipient Is Shia

ISLAMABAD: A recovered patient of coronavirus refused to donate his blood plasma to a critical Covid patient due to the recipient’s Shia sect. A middle-aged man at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad was admitted to the hospital after being infected with the deadly virus. When his condition turned critical a few days ago, the family went out in search for plasma of a recovered patient.

A number of concerned citizens including medical students currently working to connect plasma donors and recipients managed to find a donor for the patient, but when he was informed about the details of the recipient; he immediately backed out. A member of the said group Anzala Kazmi told Naya Daur that the donor refused to give his plasma when he found out that the patient who will receive it was Shia by faith.

Kazmi had first posted this information on her Facebook page, after which Naya Daur reached out to her to get details.

Name of the donor is not being published on the source’s request. Anzala Kazmi told Naya Daur that she has been working to help coronavirus patients find donors. “I’ve come across many absurdities with respect to donors’ approach towards donation, but neither me nor my team had expected a refusal based on faith of the recipient.
The reason why I don’t want to name the donor is that my intention wasn’t to bash an individual, but to highlight the intolerant mindset sadly prevalent in our society”, she says.

However, the team managed to find another donor for the said patient and he is now recovering from the virus.

This is not the first act of bigotry in Pakistan during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In March, some extremist residents of Karachi’s Delhi colony had refused to accept donation from an NGO, on grounds that they don’t accept charity from ‘Ahmadiyya community’. The volunteers distributing food were then forced out of the colony.



  1. Bushra Khan June 17, 2020

    I am glad say Alhumdulillah, that shia recipient did not get plasma of that perskn who refused to donate.

  2. glad I left I.L.M June 18, 2020

    Divided we fall to the hell of hate, intolerance, violence, backwardness and bronze age

  3. Ahmed June 18, 2020

    I don’t agree with what he did.


    Can any liberal tell me how this is wrong? Isn’t it his blood? Can he choose who to give ? Why should he give? Isn’t it covered in his liberty?

    I will wait forever for the answer.

  4. Khalid khan June 18, 2020

    Very sad. I am in Canada and if I was in Pakistan would have done it gladly.

  5. hadi June 18, 2020

    how this is wrong?
    wow you’re such a moron. He can choose to give, yes, which he CHOSE to donate until he found out his sect and only then he REFUSED. If you can’t see what’s wrong with that then you’re part of the whole shitty problem. And whoever has defended this is a shame on face of this earth.

  6. Khan June 18, 2020

    Ignorance. Glad the shia patient got treatment.

    @glad I left ILM,
    It seems backwardness is still present in your mindset. Talk of “bronze age” is coded atheist trolling. If capital punishment were the penalty for ignorance, there wouldn’t be any liberals left in Pakistan.

  7. Sheena June 18, 2020

    Yes I can answer your question, I am a blood donor for the last 20 years, with a very unique blood type. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. If I think of my rights & not give blood because I choose not to, that would be attempted murder on the basis of religion and discrimination. Do you understand, people can die, if everyone starts exercising their “rights”. There is a time & place to do that.

  8. Husein Bandali June 18, 2020

    I think this is sheer ignorance, backwardness and primitive life. At least as a human being and to build his Akhirat, the donor should have responded.

    Therefore, we still have ‘JAHLIYAT’ in Muslim Society. We pray that as a human being, he should realise his mistake and ask for forgiveness. What kind of a world we are living!
    Waminallahi tawfiqaat.

  9. True follower June 18, 2020

    That person has not given the blood Allah has not given that man taufeeq else he would be rewarded and Allah dont wishes to reward the people with hatred towards his creature whether human or animal
    Allah (swt) wishes to keep Najasaat away from the true believers of Islam and the Followers of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w)

  10. Dr.Sahab June 18, 2020

    Its the donor’s choice wether give or not. So , nothing to make a whole article over it.
    Not giving just because the recipient has a different approach to the religion i-e being Shia….
    THAT is pure Ignorant, Intolerant and Illiterate attitude.
    What would happen if his gali ka parchoon wala stops giving him items just because he is not a shia ????? How would that feel?

    This kind of sectarian hatred always reminds me of the Banu-Umayyan way of governance…

    Allah hidayat de sabko!!!

  11. Binoy June 18, 2020

    Surprised to know that islam has casteism

  12. Ali Xai June 19, 2020

    Only the remnants of Yazid or Ibne Ziad can do this…. Otherwise to Save a Human Saves the Humanity does not covers Faith or Race. Thanks God, Nature saved the patients from that Filthy Plasma

  13. Zahid Rizvi June 19, 2020

    How sad to know such shameless characters are in our society. Seems we are living in stone age.
    If a doner refuses to donate knowing patient is critical on any basis he should be charged on attempted murder
    I hate that mindset

  14. ahmed June 19, 2020


    No one can force me to give blood. Even if someone is dying. It’s an encroachment on my liberty. Read the concept of positive and negative liberty.

    Who will decide when the condition are dire for forcing someone to help another. Everything cannot be quantified.

    I’ll wait for your answer.

  15. Firoz June 19, 2020

    Do our Sunni brothers not know that Shia’s are one of the five major groups in a Islam?

    They have been there since the days of the prophet. They are the followers of the fourth Khalif.

    The oldest Muslim University (The Al Azar Islamic University in Cairo) recognizes them as one of the sources where one would go to get their answer on a matters of fiqh. Just like the followers of Maliki, Safi, Hanifi, Humbali, there are others who go to Jaferi to get their questions answered. It just another sect.

    Perhaps our Sunni brothers should read a little bit of Shia Fiqh and see if they can tell the difference or are they happy to live in the state of ignorance as it’s bliss?!

  16. Bahlol Dana June 19, 2020

    All of those people who think there nothing wrong with what that person did are obviously not muslims nor have read tge quran. For us Muslims our book the holy Quran says “If you save one life its like you have saved entire humanity”. You see our book doesnt discriminate based on religious affliations. Obviously you heathens wont know about these things as you are the offsprings of the devil himself!!!

  17. Islam Baig June 19, 2020

    Those jahils are the reason for Pakistan being in gutter.

  18. N. Ijaz June 20, 2020

    He is wrong because that is not the behaviour of a Muslim.. He is wrong because he has not understood the soul / meaning of Islam … he is wrong because in Islam..jis n aik insaan ki jaan bachai uss nay insaniat bachai.
    He is wrong because his decision to back out was based on racism, prejudice. He is wrong because he should not call himself a muslim, or a human . Rather he stooped down to level of an animal. He is wrong because his intentions were wrong. He is wrong because he self declared… a muslim not worthy to be saved ….. when his life was not in danger . He is wrong because he is not following
    Quran or Sunnah. He is wrong because he does not believe on Qayamat, where good deeds will be payed with much better return. …
    Our liberty is bound with humanity…and justice. If you exercise your rights and that hurt other people , dnt call yourself a Muslim.

  19. Syed June 20, 2020

    Pity, but why was the donor informed that the recepient was a Shia, we deliberately spread religious bigotry, This started in 1974, when ahmadis were declared second class citizens, out of Islam. Now sow the results.

  20. Hajra June 20, 2020

    Sick …

  21. ahmed June 21, 2020


    Go read the history. This started long before that. Don’t try to give it another color.

    Qadiyanis being declared non-Muslims have nothing to do with it.

  22. Mohamed June 21, 2020

    This is very unthinkable for this deplorable behaviour. We may not be brother in faith but brother in humanity.


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