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Did You Know? Mira Hashmi, The Huma Of “Family Front”, Also Wrote A Book

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Different people know Mira Hashmi for different reasons. A whole generation adores her for being Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s grand-daughter. Then there are people who grew up during the 1990s and watched Mira Hashmi showcasing her talents as an actress in sitcoms like “Family Front”, “Teen Bata Teen” and “Tamak Toyiaan”. For the current lot, however, Mira Hashmi is an altogether different person, whose taste for cinema took an academic turn for the good, and inclined the lady to procure a degree in Film Production from Concordia University, Canada, and also teach the subject at various universities including LSE and BNU.

Following her passion, Hashmi also penned film reviews for various local newspapers and eventually held to her credit a book carrying the critical analysis of Gulzar’s 1987 film, “Ijaazat”.

The actress, critic and professor has told at various platforms that the book was commissioned, and she was approached for it owing to her expertise in the area of film. It is a part of a series comprising three books which make an attempt at covering Gulzar’s cinematic journey. While the other two from the trilogy are based on the films “Angoor” and “Aandhi” and have been written by Indian film critics, the one on “Ijaazat” fell to Mira Hashmi.

The book provides detailed and authentic insights into the film, as it has been written conscientiously after interviewing most of the people involved, including the actors, and covers all the aspects of the film ranging from its pre-production ideas and making process of music and viewers’ feedback. It was launched earlier in 2019 at multiple platforms including Faiz Festival, and has garnered immense admiration from the readers.


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