‘Dining along the Indus’, a Pakistani Cuisine Book launched by Nestlé Pakistan

‘Dining along the Indus’, a Pakistani Cuisine Book launched by Nestlé Pakistan
A beautifully illustrated book featuring recipes of authentic Pakistani cuisine was launched by Nestlé Pakistan collaboration with Pakistan Mission to the United Nations at UN Headquarters in New York. This is a cultural collaboration that brings together the heart-warming traditions and rich flavours in every nook and corner of the Pakistan.

Waqar Ahmad, Head of Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Pakistan, said, “With the promise of Good food, Good life, Nestlé with its broad portfolio of trusted and loved brands has been unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.”
“There are heart-warming traditions and rich flavours in every nook and corner of the country, and Dining Along the Indus is a step towards highlighting some of them and bringing them forward for the world to experience and take pleasure in,” he added.


The book contains a collection of recipes that primarily originated from the Indus Valley. Featuring Sindhi Biryani, Khichri and Kabuli Pulao, the first chapter ‘Grain of Life’ highlights the region’s most popular dishes that are based on rice as their main ingredient. The second chapter ‘Aromatic Curries,’ as the title suggests, features curry-based dishes, such as Daal Gosht, Nihari, Kunna, Paya and Haleem, the best in Pakistani cuisine. The third chapter ‘Meaty Extravagant’ highlights such popular meat dishes as Sajji, Lahori Fish, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Lamb Chops, Takka Takk and Bihari Kabab. Titled ‘Glorious Harvest,’ the book’s fourth chapter covers a selection of vegetarian delights, from Bhagare Baingan and Surson Ka Saag to Mix Subzi. The fifth chapter ‘Crust & Crumb’ reveals such flour-based forms of ‘roti’ such as Sheermal, Kulcha, Aloo Paratha, Makai Ki Roti, Baqar Khani and Roghni Naan. The sixth chapter ‘Divine Desserts’ delineates the best of sweets and desserts, e.g. Kheer, Kulfi Falooda, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa, Multani Halwa and Zarda. The last chapter ‘Perfectly Poured’ features the country’s most popular beverages. You can have Doodh Pati, Meethi Lassi, Peshawari Qahwa, Shikanjbeen and Kashmiri Chai. There is also a glossary at the end of the book for beginners and international readers.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi said,
“I am grateful to Nestlé Pakistan for this joint enterprise to ‘offer’ Pakistani food in all its colorful variety to the international community. The idea for the book came to me when, as Pakistan’s Ambassador and Permanent representative to the UN, I wanted to introduce Pakistan’s distinct culinary tradition to the 193 countries represented at the UN in New York.”

“Dining Along The Indus, apart from its recipes of dishes from across the country, is also a celebration of the splendour of Pakistan, with colourful pictures depicting a country, that is modern, but with ancient roots and an enormously rich cultural heritage. It was a privilege to present this book to a global audience as part of my efforts to project Pakistan’s soft power, which is such a crucial element of modern diplomacy,” she added.

Apart from the food and the recipes, this beautifully photographed book celebrates the splendour of Pakistan, depicting the country’s rich cultural heritage and ancient roots. The hospitality and generosity of the people of Pakistan knows no bounds and food is a big part of that. Dining along the Indus is a step towards highlighting that in line with Nestlé’s purpose of Good food, Good life.

To access the online version of Dining Along The Indus cuisine book, please click here: bit.ly/338XoX2

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