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2 Teen Suicides In 3 Days: Punjab Police Want PUBG Game Banned In Lahore

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LAHORE: Punjab police have decided to approach the relevant authorities for a ban on the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in Lahore after the reported suicides of two students within three days due to excessive participation in the game.

According to the DIG Operations Lahore, Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, he would pen a letter to FIA and PTA, suggesting imposition of the restriction. He further said that he would reach the said authorities after due consultation with the police high-ups.

As reported on Tuesday, a student in the provincial capital committed suicide after being told to not play the game. According to the parents, they had asked the teenager to limit the screen-time. The boy’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan. A report also suggested that the boy took his life as he was unable to complete a certain task in the game. Police said the teenager’s mobile phone was found on the bedside, with the game still running on it.

Just two days ago, a college student took his own life when he was reprimanded for indulging in the game for excessive hours. In the second incident too, the body was found hanging from the ceiling.

PUBG was developed by a South Korean company a few years ago. It has been designed along the lines of a survival game wherein the players are deployed in an island to  fight for their survival.


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