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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Files For Divorce, Accuses In-Laws Of Abuse

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s second wife, Aaliya has sent the actor a legal notice demanding a divorce and maintenance from him over alleged emotional and physical abuse from the actor’s family.

The two got married in 2009 and Aaliya said that there have been issues before but she was trying to solve them for the betterment of the family. “I finally had to take this decision,” she revealed in a conversation with Bollywood Life.

She further accused his family of physical and mental torture, sharing that “Nawaz had never raised his hands on me, but the shouting and arguments had become unbearable. His family has mentally and physically tortured me a lot. His brother had even hit me.”

She also said that it had been difficult for so long because her in-laws would abuse her in every way possible and that they had a history of it. “His first wife had also left him for this reason. It’s a pattern [in the family]. There are already seven cases registered by the wives of their house against them, and four divorces have taken place. This is the fifth one. It’s a pattern in his family. You conceal a lot to avoid embarrassment before others, but how much can you take in love?”

She has also demanded sole custody of their nine-year-old daughter Shaura Siddiqui, and five-year-old son Yaani Siddiqui; and changed her name back to Anjana Anand Kishore Pandey, saying she wants nothing to do with his identity anymore.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was earlier married to Sheeba, but the duo had separated in six months. He is currently under quarantine with his family in Budhana and has released no statement on the matter yet.


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