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Furqan Shahid — COVID-Positive Doctor Who Lost His Life Looking For A Ventilator

Dr. Furqan Shahid lost his life looking for a ventilator in Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan. He had tested positive for the virus and as his health condition got worse, the family called Aga Khan Hospital and Indus Hospital, which are the two leading names, but they did not admit him saying that they had no more ventilators or beds empty for treatment. 

In an interview on national television with senior journalist, Kashif Abbasi, Dr Furqan’s wife, said that the Aman Foundation ambulance took him around for more than 3 hours in all of the city, looking for a bed, but no one took him in. “He just kept saying that I want to go home and I will be okay, I promise, but then he breathed his final breath just an hour after we reached home,” she said with her voice shivering. 

However, Senator Murtaza Wahab claims that these allegations are untrue. He has said in a tweet, “For the record, as of today, there are 283 Vents[ventilators] available for Covid patients in #Sindh & the case of Dr Furqan is not one of Vents not being available”.


Earlier Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah had said that to prepare for the worst-case scenario in the Covid-19 pandemic, field hospitals will be set up all over the province with the total capacity of 10,000 beds.

The provincial government has already established 185-bed critical care units (CCUs) equipped with ventilators in different hospitals of Sindh, according to the last meeting with the Health Minister, Azra Pucheho.

Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah said that Sindh needed 5,000 more ventilators to deal with a health emergency, in the first phase, he was approving the purchase of 290 ventilators, which will be installed at different public health facilities in the province but there has been no update on these. 

“Dr Furqan’ death in Pakistan is so painful and puts to light a completely broken health care system in Pakistan. Private hospitals are not primarily responsible. Responsibility is of the Sindh government and the hospitals they fund. Government failed and needs to be held accountable. When even doctors couldn’t find a place to even be seen, God help a common person. Ask the Aman ambulance driver who tried his best to get the doctor who finally died after knocking every door possible. All claims that it was a negligence of the poor doctor is shameful, period.” said, Dr Zaffar Iqbal on Facebook.

Another doctor Naseem Sheikhani, said, ‘They need to agree that it is the duty of all hospitals which are funded by the Government (partially or fully) and they should know where to send the patient. It is tragic that a physician is dying. At least triage should have been done. If they take the money they should take responsibility.’ 

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