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Fake News Alert: PM Imran’s Viral Photos From Nathia Gali Are Old

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Eid activities were a matter of discussion online after a section of social media posted photos of him in Nathia Gali claiming that he was celebrating Eid with his family in the hill station.

Media outlet Samaa English also tweeted a story with the said pictures and made the same claims about the PM being in Nathia Gali for Eid

This generated outrage on social media because Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has limited any and all sorts of travel/excursion activities in the area due to the coronavirus crisis.

However, PM’s Focal Person on Digital Media, Arsalan Khalid later clarified that the pictures were more than two years old from PM’s trip to Nathiagali.

“These are very old pictures from Nathiagali. I am shocked to see how media groups don’t even do basic fact-checking before posting any news,” Khalid tweeted.


Later, Samaa English editor took down the tweet and the article from the website. This was a piece of fake news.

It is, however, unclear as to whether the PM was in Nathia Gali on Eid. A number of videos doing the rounds on social media showed presence of VIP movement in the hill station during the Eid holidays. Government spokespersons have not denied or confirmed if Khan spent his Eid in Nathia Gali.


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