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US President Trump Says Will Donate Pakistan ‘Some Ventilators’

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Prime Minister Imran Khan and United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday discussed the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermaths in Pakistan and the US. The US president told PM Imran that he would donate ventilators to Pakistan, as the country is struggling to facilitate the coronavirus infected patients due to lack of health facilities.

According to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Twitter handle, the prime minister conveyed his sympathies and condolences to the American president on the loss of precious lives in the United States due to the spread of the virus.

President Trump appreciated PM Imran’s phone call and expression of support for US efforts to combat COVID-19. “He [President Trump] also reassured of US support to Pakistan in the efforts to combat COVID-19 including by making available ventilators as well as in the economic arena. Having learned about testing of Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Trump offered to send the latest rapid testing machine for COVID-19 to the Prime Minister,” the ruling party said.

The prime minister also thanked President Trump for supporting Pakistan in its dealings with the International Monetary Fund, saying it provided necessary fiscal space to the country and helped mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meanwhile, Rob Crilly, the White House correspondent of US magazine Washington Examiner, on Twitter quoted President Donald Trump as saying in a press conference, “I spoke to Pakistan. They would like to have some ventilators. We’re going to get them some ventilators.”

Earlier, China’s Ali Baba and Jack Ma foundation donated 500,000 N-95 masks and other protective gear to Pakistan. Asian Development Bank (ADB) had also donated 1,200 ventilators to Pakistan in times of the national crisis.


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