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PM Imran Breaks The Internet By Addressing World Community In A Tracksuit

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PM Imran Khan made a speech on Sunday addressing the international community, casually donning a dark green tracksuit. The PM’s attire has since been the topic of discussion on social media where his fans are praising him for his ‘simplicity’. Others think the PM should not have dressed so casually during an important public appearance.

People on Twitter, including journalists are criticising the prime minister for wearing a tracksuit while requesting the international community for debt relief.

PM Imran’s former wife and journalist Reham Khan said [sarcastically] that people need to give donations to the premier so that he could be able to purchase decent clothes.

But the supporters of the prime minister appreciated him for ‘breaking stereotypes’ in his address on Sunday.

PM Imran on Sunday appealed directly to the international community, the UN Secretary-General and international financial institutions to help the developing countries, which are struggling with the costs of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. In his view, developing countries which are heavily indebted are faced with a ‘lack of fiscal space’ in their response to the unique challenges created by Covid-19.

While citing the heavy economic stimulus packages being announced by rich countries to prevent their economies from floundering, Pakistan’s Prime Minister noted that the poor countries could not afford to fund such packages. “Countries like the United States and Japan have announced economic packages worth trillions of dollars whereas Pakistan could only announce a package of $8 billion.”


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