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Jamia Binoria Issues Fatwa Against ‘Ertugrul’ Following PM’s Orders To Telecast It On PTV

Jamia Binnori, a Karachi-based Islamic institute, has released a fatwa against the Turkish show Ertugrul. The show is based on Islamic history and portrays the story of the Ottoman Empire and how the Muslim caliphate gained fame all over the world.  

The government of Pakistan had announced that Ertugrul will be broadcast on state television from the beginning of Ramzan. Following the anouncement, Allama Muhammad Yusuf, a senior preacher at the Binnori Town Mosque said that this drama should be forbidden according to the ‘shariah law’. 

Imran Khan has often been found quoting from this Turkish play that is supposed to be aired on PTV.

The Allama has said that he has issue with the portrayal of Islamic characters on a medium like the television and the fact that the show Ertugul includes women from the time of the Caliphate makes it even more of a propaganda.

He further mentioned how a previous fatwa has already claimed films/dramas to be ‘haram’ according to the teachings of Islam because they contain messages of love that are unethical for Muslims and people don’t necessarily need to know of.

Ertugrul is one of the highest rated shows on Netflix and has acquired world-wide appreciation from the film critics for portraying an accurate history of the Ottoman caliphate. It is rated 7.6 on IMDb and has an average of 100% score from the audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.


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