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Govt Says Number Of Coronavirus Cases Likely To Rise To 50,000 By April 25

The federal government has submitted a report in the Supreme Court detailing steps being taken to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The nature of the suspected cases and overall situation in the wake of the outbreak has been discussed in the report. Geo TV reported that the government has told the apex court that the number of coronavirus cases of coronavirus in Pakistan is likely to reach 50,000 by April 25.

The report provides a breakdown according to which around 7,000 cases out of the total number are feared to be severe, and around 2,500 are likely to be a ’cause for concern’. Further, 41,000 other cases are expected to be of mild nature.

The report also says that the number of confirmed cases are expected to be lesser than that of European countries. However, the government assured the apex court in the report that efforts were being made to enhance the the testing capacity to detect coronavirus-positive individuals.

Moreover, the report mentions an emergency plan that cost $366 million, adding that medical experts have been engaged for preparation of guidelines about prevention of the virus spread.
The report also claims that around 222 suspected coronavirus-positive individuals were traced via checking points set up at the airports.

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