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ASWJ Members Attack House Of Man Accused Of Blasphemy In Hyderabad

A violent mob comprising members of banned sectarian outfit Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), previously known as Sipah-e-Sahaba, attacked the house of a man accusing him of committing blasphemy. The attackers chanted anti-Shia slogans, while throwing stones at the house of the accused man in Hyderabad.

Journalist Bilal Farooqi shared the video of the incident on Twitter, saying: “Activists of banned sectarian outfit ASWJ in SITE Hyderabad hurl stones at the house of a man accusing him of committing blasphemy.” The journalist further said that the police was present on the occasion as a mere spectator ‘as usual’. He said the police then booked the accused man.

The infamous blasphemy laws of Pakistan have been misused many times to settle personal scores across the country. The violent mobs have killed a number of people extra-judicially in the name of blasphemy law 295-C. The Shia community is among one of the most persecuted communities of Pakistan. They face religious persecution and discrimination in their daily lives. The banned organisation ASWJ is knows for its religious bigotry and hatred against the Shia community of Pakistan.


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