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PM Imran Reiterates No Lockdown Needed, Says ‘Hot Weather’ Will Mitigate Coronavirus

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the upcoming ‘hot and dry’ weather in the country will help control the coronavirus outbreak, reiterating that Pakistan does not need a lockdown. He expressed these views while talking to senior journalists on Friday.

The PM called on the public to practice social distancing to help prevent the further spread of the deadly disease.
Dawn newspaper quoted the PM as saying: “We can manage [the outbreak]. There is a difference of opinion, but some doctors say that the type of heat Pakistan experiences, that makes the virus lose its effectiveness [to spread].”

Khan further said that practicing discipline for the next month and a half will prove effective in handling the outbreak of the virus.
Meanwhile, social media users have questioned the PM’s belief that hot weather will be a solution to coronavirus. That coronavirus cannot spread in hot weather is one of the many myths doing the rounds, but this idea has been debunked by several health experts.






Australia for instance, has reported over 100 cases in the last 24 hours and the country’s temperature at the time of the emergence of the first case was above 30 C.
It is not very reassuring when heads of the state who are responsible for containing the outbreak share untrue information about spread of the virus.


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