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Gilgit’s Central Jamia Imamia Mosque Closes Down To Help Contain Spread Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Under the directions of Islamic scholar Syed Rahat Hussain al-Hussaini, the Markazi Jamia Imamia Mosque in Gilgit has decided to close down for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. This will apply to all mosques affiliated with the Shia Muslim community in suburban areas of Gilgit. All religious congregations and other community-related events, whether they are celebrations or mourning of deaths, are to be halted.

In the same context, Jamia Tul Muntazar, a seminary in Lahore associated with the Shia Muslim community, has cancelled Friday congregations for the coming two weeks.

A number of religious leaders and congregations have hesitated to cooperate with efforts by the government and health authorities to keep worshipers from gathering in large numbers during the pandemic.

Earlier, Egypt’s prestigious religious institution Al-Azhar, which is held in high regard by Sunni Muslims throughout the world, has issued a fatwa on the request of President Arif Alvi. The fatwa allows for suspending Friday prayer congregations for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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