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Funds Meant For Poor And Orphans Granted To Non-Deserving Students On Sindh CM’s Instructions

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It has come to light that around Rs 41 million in illegal scholarship grants were given to a handful of students by Sindh’s finance department. The Sindh High Court (SHC) took notice of the fact that resources earmarked as educational endowment fund scholarships being given to non-deserving students at the behest of the Chief Minister.

This money was meant for poor students and orphans. But the Sindh High Court, while hearing a petition around orphan laws and the education of needy children, noted that funds were being released to students who were not poor or orphans as defined by the rules of the endowment fund.

It was brought to the notice of the court by the concerned additional secretary that Rs 41.73 million were approved by the finance secretary on the instructions of the Chief Minister. This was done despite the relevant summary from the department concerned, which raised the issue that these students did not fall under the definition of poor and orphans as defined by the endowment fund rules.

The court directed the chief secretary to make sure that funds that were dispensed illegally were recovered from the people who had applied for their children without fulfilling the criteria of deserving individuals as laid down by the endowment rules.



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Naya Daur