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Account In Name Of Islamabad Police Grabs Twitteratis’ Attention With Humour-Filled Posts

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In its recent tweets, an account with the name, Islamabad City Police, has poked fun at everyone and everything. The tweets are of such a nature that people have called for the one tweeting to get a pay raise.

On Tuesday evening, ICP stated that a safe New Year’s Eve had been provided to the people of Islamabad, adding, “The only things hurt were a few red lights and your ex’s ego when nobody threw their number at her in chickachinos.”

It also urged citizens of the capital city to obey traffic rules but urged them to overtake any car from Lahore.

The account also tweeted that if they got hold of anyone smoking hashish, instead of arresting them, they were dropped outside their lover’s house.

Another amusing tweet was one in which it said that they had provided people with quality liquor to prevent any mishap.

It also expressed its appreciation for New Year’s Eve, saying that it was the police’s favourite night.


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Naya Daur