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Will Defend Dignity Of Armed Forces At All Costs, DG ISPR Reacts To Detailed Verdict

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Inter-Services Public Relations Director General (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor has condemned the wording in the detailed verdict of the special court in the high treason case against former president General Musharraf, saying that the army knew how to defend its dignity.

The DG ISPR has said that the army’s reservations about the short order of the judgement have been confirmed following the detailed verdict. He stated that the wording used in the verdict was against humanity, religion and our culture.

He stated, “We know how to defend the country, and we know how to defend the respect and dignity of the armed forces.”

The DG ISPR reiterated Chief of Army Staff’s statement about the army defeating inimical forces and establishing stability, adding that the army would make efforts to maintain this stability.

He further said that the army would stop the spread of unrest in the country and they would maintain the respect and dignity of both the country and the institution of the army.

He also revealed to media that the army chief and Prime Minister Imran Khan had held a meeting today in which General Bajwa had conveyed the sentiments of the army to the prime minister. He added that certain decisions have been made, which will be revealed by the government shortly.


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