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National Testing Service Under Fire For Allegedly Leaking LESCO’s Recruitment Tests

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The National Testing Service (NTS) is under fire for allegedly leaking the exams for Lahore Electric Supply Company Recruitment’s (LESCO) recruitment.

Users on social media, through a trend #CorruptionInLescoTest, have alleged that the recruitment test was leaked and have called for NTS to be held accountable.

One user stated that the government needs to take strict action against NTS as the tests were leaked, and deserving candidates were not appointed on merit.

Another user urged the government to investigate the recruitment of distribution companies. Users also alleged that two students who got 97 percent, were the sons of a former director of LESCO, Muhammad Qasim Jan.

Users claimed that the LESCO’s exam papers were leaked as the results of certain students were much higher than their counterparts appearing in exams of other distribution companies (DISCOs).

A user shared the result sheet, which showed more the results of more than 30 students in exams of various DISCOs. Many students, who got around 60-70 percent in the rest of their exams, got more than 90 percent in the exam for LESCO.

People also criticised NTS for collecting millions in entry test fees from students and then leaking the exams for more money.

One user urged the government to hold NTS accountable if it believed in merit. He alleged that NTS had sold the LESCO test to their favourites.

Others called for the test to be reconducted.



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